About Me

Lyubov TEMİZ

Hi, my name is Lyubov. While studying at institute I was fascinated by art of photography. My hobby turned into real passion and I attended to photography lessons. My main and beloved themes is wedding, family and children photo.

I'm sure, you know that all precious moments fly by very fast

- Marriage proposal
- Wedding ceremony
- Pregnancy
- Newborn baby and his first smiles and steps

I can continue this list infinite…

You will not forget moments like that, but sometimes, it's hard to remember them in all glory and details.
I believe in value of taken photos. They can give depth and significance to life through years and generations!
Someday your kids will grow and ask you about your life. When this happens, you show them photos that truly represent your love-soaked past. Photos that you will show to your grandchildren and remain your heritage.
Do you really want that photos been taken by ordinary "photographer" who "take shots"? No! You want to see the real fragrance of emotions of your kids and family, captured in a single moment!
One of the most important things that I can make for you - is to awaken your laugh, your smiles and help you see how love threads your days spent with your family together!
Through the prism of my passion for photo art, trough the lenses of my camera I am ready to show you your true and hidden emotions. You will remain with precious moments of your life and be able to show them to the world and family!